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Determination du profil des flores bacteriennes des zones littorales. Application a l'evaluation de l'impact des rejets ArchiMer
Bunetel, L; Segui, A; Guerin, J; Lerman, I; Cormier, M.
The principle of this method is to evaluate, by counts exercised upon selective media, the relative importance of the different bacteria families in the flora of the coastal waters. It is important to separate the contaminant species and the commensal species in the marine environment. Ten culture media distributed into four categories (selective, non selective, saline and non saline) were examined by numeration. Counts were transferred on a diagram allowing to plot down a profile of bacterial flora of water sampled from a given geographical area. The profiles are arranged by a classification method. The sampling points with similar or adjoining profiles were assembled and marked on the chart. In this way, the authors obtained areas representing the impact...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Bacteria; Coastal waters; Microbiological culture; Sewage disposal; Microbial contamination; Bacterial counters; Bacteria collecting devices.
Ano: 1984 URL:
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