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La Jument lighthouse: a real-scale laboratory for the study of giant waves and their loading on marine structures ArchiMer
Filipot, Jean-francois; Guimaraes, P.; Leckler, Fabien; Hortsmann, J.; Carrasco, R.; Leroy, Elodie; Fady, N.; Accensi, Mickael; Prevosto, Marc; Duarte, Rui; Roeber, V.; Benetazzo, A.; Raoult, C.; Franzetti, M.; Varing, Audrey; Le Dantec, N..
This paper presents results from an experiment designed to improve the understanding of the relationship between extreme breaking waves and their mechanical loading on heritage offshore lighthouses. The experiment, conducted at La Jument, an iconic French offshore lighthouse, featured several records of wave, current and structure accelerations acquired during severe storm conditions, with individual waves as high as 24 m. Data analysis focuses on a storm event marked by a strong peak in the horizontal accelerations measured inside La Jument. Thanks to stereo-video wave measurements synchronized to the acceleration record we were able to identify and describe the breaking wave responsible for this intense loading. Our observations suggest that this giant...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Extreme wave; Wave breaking; Wave loading.
Ano: 2019 URL:
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