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Dynamic 3D-Vision InTech
K.-D. Kuhnert; M. Langer; M. Stommel; A. Kolb.
Common state of the art mechanisms for the measurement of the surrounding environment in real time usually pose a trade off between high speed, robustness and accuracy. With applications for mobile robots in mind, this work focuses on the faster methods stereo analysis and PMD camera. Our research aims at the computation of robust and dense depth maps in real time. First, the performance of three standard stereo algorithms is examined with regard to two different measurements of similarity. The subsequent optimisation of the standard methods by using modern SIMD instructions and programming techniques like e.g. recursive subdivision leads to an increase of speed by a factor of four. As a result, for the WinnerTakes-It-All algorithm we achieve a computation...
Tipo: 18 Palavras-chave: Vision Systems: Applications.
Ano: 2007 URL:
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