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The Differences Between Products Of Gene Expression In Male, Female And Hermaphrodite Cucumber Floral Buds (Cucumis Sativus L.) Nature Precedings
Magdalena Pawelkowicz; Ewa Siedlecka; Zbigniew Przybecki.
Cucumber is a species in which sex expression has been extensively studied. Sexual differentiation is controlled by genotypic and environmental factors. The main genes responsible for sex determination have been described but the mechanism of their action remains unexplained. In this study we attempted to find cDNA clones which can be connected with sex differentiation and flower development in cucumber. 
Two pairs of nearly isogenic lines: GY-3 (gynoecious – FFMMGG) and HGY-3 (hermaphrodite - FFmmGG), B10 (monoecious - ffMMGG) and 2gg (gynoecious - FFMMgg) were used to search for differences in gene expression in young (1 – 2mm) cucumber floral buds.
In order to obtain differentially expressed cDNA...
Tipo: Poster Palavras-chave: Biotechnology; Developmental Biology; Genetics & Genomics; Molecular Cell Biology; Plant Biology.
Ano: 2011 URL:
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