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Dynamic Model, Control and Simulation of Cooperative Robots: A Case Study InTech
Jorge Gudino-Lau; Marco A. Arteaga.
In this chapter, we developed the model for two cooperative industrial robots holding a rigid object without friction. The dynamic model for the manipulators is obtained independently from each other with the Lagrangian approach. Once the robots are holding the object, their joint variables are kinematically and dynamically coupled. These coupling equations are combined with the dynamic model of the object to obtain a mathematical description for the cooperative system. Besides, the tracking control problem for cooperative robots without velocity measurements is considered. The control law is a decentralized approach which takes into account motion constraints rather than the held object dynamics. By assuming that fingers dynamics are well known and that...
Tipo: 13 Palavras-chave: Mobile Robotics; Moving Intelligence.
Ano: 2006 URL:
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