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A 4WD Omnidirectional Mobile Platform and its Application to Wheelchairs InTech
Masayoshi Wada.
Conventional electric wheelchairs can not meet requirements for both maneuverability and high mobility in rough terrain in a single design. Enhancing their mobility could facilitate the use of wheelchairs and other electric mobile machines and promote barrier-free environments without re-constructing existing facilities. To improve wheelchair step-climbing and maneuverability, we introduced a 4WD with a pair of normal wheels in back and a pair of omniwheels in front. A normal wheel and an omniwheel are connected by a transmission and driven by a common motor to make them rotate in unison. To apply the 4WD to a wheelchair platform, we conducted basic analyses on the ability to climb steps. After analyzing the original 4WD statics and kinematics and...
Tipo: 15 Palavras-chave: Climbing and Walking Robots: towards New Applications.
Ano: 2007 URL:
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