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3D Modeling of the Elastic-Plastic Behavior of Thin Aeronautical Adhesive Films Suited for a Wide Range of Tensile/Compression-Shear Loads ArchiMer
Maurice, Julien; Creac'Hcadec, Romain; Cognard, Jean-yves; Davies, Peter; Meirinhos, Georges; Mahdi, Stephane.
Adhesive bonding is an interesting structural assembling technique for weight saving in modern commercial aircraft, in which the use of composites materials is increasing. In order to meet both optimization and respect of safety conception constraints, the development of accurate numerical strategies is required. Thus, improvement in the experimental characterization and in the design of reliable numerical tools for bonded assemblies is necessary. This paper presents the characterization of the elastic-plastic behaviour of four aeronautical adhesive films, consisting of two epoxy-based resins supported by two types of carrier. The characterization over a wide range of monotonic proportional tensile-shear loads is performed using a modified Arcan test...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Aeronautical; Mechanical properties of adhesives; Numerical modeling.
Ano: 2013 URL:
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