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Behavioral and trophic segregations help the Tahiti petrel to cope with the abundance of wedge-tailed shearwater when foraging in oligotrophic tropical waters ArchiMer
Ravache, Andreas; Bourgeois, Karen; Weimerskirch, Henri; Pagenaud, Angélique; De Grissac, Sophie; Miller, Mark; Dromzée, Sylvain; Lorrain, Anne; Allain, Valerie; Bustamante, Paco; Bylemans, Jonas; Gleeson, Dianne; Letourneur, Yves; Vidal, Eric.
Two species breeding in sympatry are more likely to coexist if their ecological niches are segregated either in time, space or in trophic habits. Here, we combined GPS-tracking, stable isotope analysis and DNA metabarcoding analysis to understand how the rare Tahiti petrel Pseudobulweria rostrata (TP) copes with the very abundant (i.e. 500,000 breeding pairs) wedge-tailed shearwater Ardenna pacifica (WTS) when breeding in sympatry in a tropical area. WTS foraged in restricted areas along their path, while TP predominantly foraged using extensive search behavior, suggesting a more opportunistic foraging strategy. Interspecific overlap of foraging areas was higher than intraspecific overlap. Breeding seasons largely overlap between species during the study,...
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Ano: 2020 URL:
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