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Microplastic bacterial communities in the Bay of Brest: Influence of polymer type and size ArchiMer
Frere, Laura; Maignien, Lois; Chalopin, Morgane; Huvet, Arnaud; Rinnert, Emmanuel; Morrison, Hilary; Kerninon, Sandrine; Cassone, Anne-laure; Lambert, Christophe; Reveillaud, Julie; Paul-pont, Ika.
Microplastics (<5 mm) exhibit intrinsic features such as density, hydrophobic surface, or high surface/volume ratio, that are known to promote microbial colonization and biofilm formation in marine ecosystems. Yet, a relatively low number of studies have investigated the nature of microplastic associated bacterial communities in coastal ecosystems and the potential factors influencing their composition and structure. Here, we characterized microplastics collected in the Bay of Brest by manual sorting followed by Raman spectroscopy and studied their associated bacterial assemblages using 16S amplicon high-throughput sequencing. Our methodology allowed discriminating polymer type (polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene) within small size ranges...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Bacteria; Microplastics; Coastal ecosystem; Metabarcoding; Vibrios.
Ano: 2018 URL:
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