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Modelling of oxygen and nitrogen cycling as a function of macrophyte community in the Thau lagoon ArchiMer
Plus, Martin; Chapelle, Annie; Lazure, Pascal; Auby, Isabelle; Levavasseur, G; Verlaque, M; Belsher, Thomas; Deslous-paoli, Jean-marc; Zaldivar, J; Murray, C.
A three-dimensional model coupling physical and biological processes for the whole Than lagoon (Mediterranean coast of France) was developed in order to assess the relationships between macrophytes and the oxygen and nitrogen cycles. Ten species have been inserted as forcing variables in the model. Plankton dynamics, shellfish cultivation impact and mineralization of organic matter are also considered, as well as nutrient and oxygen exchanges between the sediment and the water column. Simulations with and without the macrophytes have shown that the system can be characterized as having a highly structured pattern involving lagoon nitrogen and oxygen cycles. This pattern is created by the combined influence of macrophytes, watershed and oyster farming....
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Thau lagoon; Biogeochemical cycles; Ecological modelling; Macrophytes.
Ano: 2003 URL:
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