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Early Decision Making in Continuous Speech InTech
Odette Scharenborg; Louis ten Bosch; Lou Boves.
In the laboratory, listeners are able to reliably identify polysyllabic content words before the end of the acoustic realisation (e.g., Marslen-Wilson, 1987). In real life, listeners not only use acoustic-phonetic information, but also contextual constraints to make a decision about the identity of a word. This makes it possible for listeners to guess the identity of content words even before their uniqueness point. In the research presented here, we investigated an alternative ASR system, called SpeM, that is able to recognise words during the speech recognition process for its ability for recognising words before their acoustic offset ? but after their uniqueness point ? a capability that we dubbed `early recognition'. The restriction to recognition at...
Tipo: 19 Palavras-chave: Robust Speech Recognition and Understanding.
Ano: 2007 URL:
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