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Atlas des Habitats des Ressources Marines de la Manche Orientale - CHARM II ArchiMer
Carpentier, Andre; Coppin, Franck; Curet, Lucie; Dauvin, Jean-claude; Delavenne, Juliette; Dewarumez, Jean-marie; Dupuis, Ludovic; Foveau, Aurélie; Garcia, Clément; Gardel, Laure; Harrop, Stuart; Just, Roger; Koubbi, Philippe; Lauria, Valentina; Martin, Corinne; Meaden, Geoff; Morin, Jocelyne; Ota, Yoshi; Rostiaux, Emilie; Smith, Bob; Spilmont, Nicolas; Vaz, Sandrine; Villanueva, Ching-maria; Verin, Yves; Walton, Joanne; Warembourg, Caroline.
Readers of our first CHARM I atlas will know that almost everything contained within the atlas was original work resulting from two years of intensive study of the Dover Strait by a dedicated and inter- disciplinary team working from bases on either side of the Channel. The present atlas has carried on this eminent precedent, though this time covering the whole of the eastern English Channel (figure 1) and widening considerably the thematic scope. We believe that readers of this current atlas will be impressed by both the breadth and depth of the information provided, and that therefore this content should be available for use in both a wide variety of fields and at various levels of interest (researchers, industries, statutory organisations, the wider...
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Ano: 2009 URL:
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