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Assessment of the impact of a wastewater treatment process including Advanced Oxidation Technique on environment using chemical and biological indicators ArchiMer
Caill-milly, Nathalie; De Casamajor, Marie-noelle; Pigot, Thierry; Paulin, Thomas; Bru, Noëlle; Sanchez, Florence; Marticorena, Julien; Lanceleur, Laurent; Gonzalez, Patrice; Daffe, Guillemine.
In a context of several directives for transitional and coastal waters masses (Water Framework Directive, Marine Strategy Framework Directive and Bathing Water Directive), the good ecological status of water but also conservation of marine ecosystem should be quickly achieved. The Basque coastline (SE of the Bay of Biscay) is subject to strong human pressures with a high density of population over the year, and especially during the summer with tourist activities. It generates nutrient discharge, water and sediment pollution and impacts the quality of the marine environment. Such pressure and the way to reduce its impacts are the main concerns of authorities Locally, in order to improve wastewater treatment process, an alternative technical solution is...
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Ano: 2015 URL:
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