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Trends of anthropogenic CO2 storage in North Atlantic water masses ArchiMer
Perez, F. F; Vazquez-rodriguez, M.; Mercier, Herle; Velo, A.; Lherminier, Pascale; Rios, A. F..
A high-quality inorganic carbon system database, spanning over three decades (1981-2006) and comprising of 13 cruises, has allowed the applying of the phi C degrees(T) method and coming up with estimates of the anthropogenic CO2 (C-ant) stored in the main water masses of the North Atlantic. In the studied region, strong convective processes convey surface properties, like C-ant, into deeper ocean layers and grants this region an added oceanographic interest from the point of view of air-sea CO2 exchanges. Generally, a tendency for decreasing C-ant storage rates towards the deep layers has been observed. In the Iberian Basin, the North Atlantic Deep Water has low C-ant concentrations and negligible storage rates, while the North Atlantic Central Water in...
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Ano: 2010 URL:
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