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Surges, atmospheric pressure and wind change and flooding probability on the Atlantic coast of France ArchiMer
Pirazzoli, Paolo Antonio.
A statistical study of hourly tide-gauge records at Saint-Gildas, Saint-Nazaire, Port Tudy, Brest, Le Conquet and Roscoff, as well of three-hourly wind and air pressure records at Belie lie and Ouessant over the last 50 years, has made possible the definition of the main meteorological factors which are associated with the development of positive or negative surges. Recent changes in these meteorological factors indicate that atmospheric depressions and strong surge winds are becoming less frequent and that the ongoing trends of climate variability show a decrease in the frequency and hence the gravity of coastal flooding. However the highest sea surges of the last decades did not occur at the time of spring high tide. There is a significant statistical...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Surcote et décote; Vent; Variabilité climatique; Probabilité d'inondation; Côte atlantique française; Surge; Wind; Climate variability; Flooding probability; French Atlantic coast.
Ano: 2000 URL:
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