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Do changes in environmental and fishing pressures impact marine communities? An empirical assessment 5
Rochet, Marie-joelle; Trenkel, Verena; Carpentier, Andre; Coppin, Franck; Gil De Sola, Luis; Leaute, Jean-pierre; Mahe, Jean-claude; Maiorano, Porzia; Mannini, Alessandro; Murenu, Matteo; Piet, Gerjan; Politou, Chrissi-yianna; Reale, Bruno; Spedicato, Maria-teresa; Tserpes, George; Bertrand, Jacques.
P>1. The development of ecosystem approaches to environmental management implies the need to account for multiple pressures on ecosystems. Trends in multiple metrics that respond differently to changes in major environmental pressures need to be combined to evaluate the impacts of fishing and environmental changes on fish communities. 2. An exploited fish community is viewed as a three-level food chain in which the two upper levels, or functional groups, are targeted by fishing fleets, while the lowest level is subject to environmental variation. Qualitative modelling is used to predict changes at the two upper levels, that is, top-down vs. bottom-up perturbations. Abundance and length metrics are calculated from survey data for 14 Mediterranean and...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Bottom-up control; Community metrics; Compensation; Ecosystem approach to fisheries; Ecosystem assessment; Functional groups; Groundfish community; Mediterranean; North Atlantic; Top-down control.
Ano: 2010 URL:
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