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Experimental investigation of the seabed roughness effect on the hydrodynamical behavior of a submarine cable under current and wave conditions. 5
Marty, Antoine; Germain, Gregory; Facq, Jean-valery; Gaurier, Benoit; Damblans, Guillaume; Germain, Nicolas; Harris, Jeffrey; Maison, Antoine; Peyrard, Christophe; Relun, Nicolas.
Submarine cable behaviour is experimentally studied in the frame of the France Energies Marines project STHYF. In order to evaluate on-bottom stability of cables placed on rocky seabed with high roughness and submitted to combined wave and strong current, hydrodynamic loads are measured on a fixed slender cylinder closely fixed to a horizontal plate, with or without large roughness. A specified set of load cases (forced oscillations, current, forced oscillation + current) is considered to assess the hydrodynamic loads acting on the cylinder placed near a wall for varying gap-to-diameter ratios. The roughness effects on cylinder loads and on the flow are studied in detail. The result show a significant difference between rough and smooth bottom...
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Ano: 2020 URL:
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