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Picoplankton diversity in the South-East Pacific Ocean from cultures ArchiMer
Le Gall, F.; Rigaut-jalabert, F.; Marie, D.; Garczarek, L.; Viprey, M.; Gobet, Angelique; Vaulot, D..
In late 2004, the BIOSOPE cruise sailed between the equatorial influenced waters off the Marquesas Islands and the nutrient enriched waters of the Chilean upwelling. Along the way, it explored the Southeast Pacific gyre centred around Easter Island, which is probably the most oligotrophic oceanic region on earth. During this cruise, we undertook a vigorous effort to isolate novel photosynthetic picoplanktonic eukaryotes. Two strategies were attempted on board: enrichment of filtered samples with culture medium and sorting of specific populations by flow cytometry based on size and chlorophyll fluorescence. Over 1900 pre-cultures were started and then further purified by flow cytometry, serial dilution or pipette isolation to yield a total of 212 strains....
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Ano: 2008 URL:
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