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Distribution and lability of land-derived organic matter in the surface sediments of the Rhone prodelta and the adjacent shelf (Mediterranean Sea, France): a multi proxy study ArchiMer
Bourgeois, S.; Pruski, A. M.; Sun, M-y.; Buscail, R.; Lantoine, F.; Kerherve, P.; Vetion, G.; Riviere, B.; Charles, F..
The Gulf of Lions is a river-dominated ocean margin that receives high loads of nutrients and particulate matter from the Rhone River but most particulate materials settle rapidly on the nearshore seafloor. One question is raised on the fate of these large quantities of organic carbon delivered by the river to the coastal marine environment. Surface sediments (0-0.5 cm) were collected in the Rhone prodelta and its adjacent shelf during a period of low river discharge (April 2007, 16 stations). The sources, distribution and lability of sedimentary organic matter were examined using bulk (organic carbon, total nitrogen, stable carbon isotope ratios, and grain size) and molecular-level (pigments, amino acids, fatty acids, and delta(13)C of individual fatty...
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Ano: 2011 URL:
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