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Living mulch and vegetable production: effect on crop/weed competition Organic Eprints
Ciaccia, Corrado; Kristensen, Hanne L.; Campanelli, Gabriele; Bavec, Franc; von Fragstein, Peter; Robacer, Martina; Testani, Elena; Canali, Stefano.
Two field experiments were carried out in order to test the effect on weed management of living mulch introduction in organically managed cauliflower in Central Italy and leek in Denmark. Burr medic and Dyers Woad were sown as living mulch in Central Italy and Denmark, respectively. Different living mulch managements and cultivars were tested in strip plot designs. The main objective of the research was the evaluation of their effects on both crop growth and weed suppression. Biomass of crops, living mulches and weeds were measured and competitive indices were used to assess their competitive relationships. The results showed the effect of the agronomic choices (interseeding timing and crop cultivar) on weed suppressiveness and in avoiding living mulch...
Tipo: Conference paper, poster, etc. Palavras-chave: Crop combinations and interactions; Weed management.
Ano: 2014 URL:
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