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Fluid seepage in relation to seabed deformation on the central Nile Deep-Sea Fan, part 2: evidence from multibeam and sidescan imagery ArchiMer
Praeg, Daniel; Ketzer, Joao Marcelo; Augustin, Adolfo Herbert; Migeon, Sebastien; Ceramicola, Silvia; Dano, Alexandre; Ducassou, Emmanuelle; Dupre, Stephanie; Mascle, Jean; Rodrigues, Luiz Frederico.
On the central Nile deep-sea fan, stratified sediments overlying mass-transport deposits (MTDs) are deformed into slope-parallel seabed undulations associated with fluid seepage. The western part of this system, in water depths of 1,950–2,250 m, is examined using multi-frequency data from hull-mounted and deep-towed swath/profiling systems. Sub-bottom profiles show sub-vertical fluid pipes that terminate both at and below seabed, and gas signatures along fault planes bounding the undulations. Fluid seepage is recorded by high- to intermediate-backscatter patches (HBPs, IBPs) that differ in appearance on multibeam imagery (30 kHz, ≤3 m penetration) and sidescan swaths (170/190 kHz, <0.1 m penetration). Comparison of the two suggests a distinction of (a)...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Slope undulations; Fluid seeps; Backscatter; Carbonates; Pipes; Faults.
Ano: 2014 URL:
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