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Distribution of silver in mussels and oysters along the French coasts: Data from the national monitoring program ArchiMer
Chiffoleau, Jean-francois; Auger, Dominique; Roux, Nathalie; Rozuel, Emmanuelle; Santini, Anne.
Distribution and behavior of many trace elements in the aquatic environment has been well characterized, but little is known about silver (Ag) concentrations in coastal waters, even though this element ranks among the most toxic to marine invertebrates (Calabrese et al., 1977 ; Fisher and Hook, 1997 ; Webb and Wood, 1998). Studies conducted by Flegal et al. (1995), River-Duarte et al. (1999), and Ndung'u et al. (2001), provided the first valuable data on Ag distribution in the oceanic environment, indicating that this element is found in very low concentrations in the dissolved phase. However, although silver concentrations in coastal waters do not reach the nanomolar range (Smith and Flegal, 1993 ; Squire et al., 2002), formation of a stable chloro...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Mollusks; Coastal water; Silver; Monitoring.
Ano: 2005 URL:
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