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Seeking our shared wisdom: a framework for understanding knowledge coproduction and coproductive capacities Ecology and Society
Schuttenberg, H. Z.; School of Biological Sciences and Centre for Sustainable International Development, University of Aberdeen, UK; currently with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), E3 Bureau, Office of Forestry and Biodiversity;; Guth, Heidi K.; Kai Hoʻoulu LLLC and Polynesian Voyaging Society;
The widespread disconnect between scientific projections of climate change and the implementation of responsive management actions has escalated calls for knowledge production processes able to exercise a stronger voice in decision making. Recently, the concept of coproduction has been championed as a potential answer. The term ‘knowledge coproduction’ is used loosely in the literature to describe an inclusive, iterative approach to creating new information; it is distinguished by its focus on facilitating interactions between stakeholders to develop an integrated or transformational understanding of a sustainability problem. Whether a coproduction process is successful in this integration of science and policy depends on a range of...
Tipo: Peer-Reviewed Insight Palavras-chave: Climate change; Coproduction; Coral reef management; Governance; Traditional ecological knowledge.
Ano: 2015
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