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Annual variations in suspended particulate matter within the Dover Strait ArchiMer
Dupont, Jp; Collins, Mb; Lafite, R; Nash, L; Huault, Mf; Shimwell, Sj; Chaddock, S; Brunet, C; Wartel, M; Lamboy, M.
During a survey at six stations in the Dover Strait, from July 1990 to November 1991, water samples were collected to measure : suspended sediment load and its organic content; particle characteristics; photosynthesis pigments; and heavy metals. In this contribution, particle measurements are interpreted in terms of hydrodynamical effects and seasonal evolution. Multi-modal grain size spectra are indicative of depth and cross-sectional variations, from die coastline to the central waters. Tidal variations, biological productivity and wind effects can be identified. Suspended particulate matter (SPM) components (determined using SEM, when combined with size spectra) illustrate hydrodynamical, geomorphological and biological effects on the composition of the...
Ano: 1993 URL:
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