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Comparison of fall and spring bedding for furrow irrigated potatoes following fall moldboard or chisel plowing NWISRL
Shock, C.; Stieber, T.; Eldredge, E.; Sojka, R.; Kennedy-Ketcheson, E..
The decision to fall or spring bed potatoes is often dictated by weather and processor contract agreements. Although there are advantages to both fall an( spring bedding, soil conditions are often wet in the spring in Malheur County, Oregon. Spring bedding of wet soils leads to soil compaction and decreased water infiltration. The primary objective of the study was to determine the effects of fall or spring bedding on tuber yields and quality under furrow irrigation. Determining the most effective method of fall potato ground preparation was the second objective of the trial. Land for potato production is normally moldboard plowed in the fall. Chisel plowing may provide better placement of residues in bedded ground and thus promote higher...
Tipo: Technical Bulletin Palavras-chave: Potato; Tillage; Mass Import - autoclassified (may be erroneous).
Ano: 1989 URL:
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