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A Global Vision and Strategy for Organic Farming Research. First Draft. Organic Eprints
Niggli, Urs; Baker, Brian; Rahmann, Gerold; Cuoco, Eduardo; Möller, Carolin; Ssebunya, Brian; Hossain, Shaikh Tanveer; Wivstad, Maria; Chang, Jennifer; Soto, Gabriela; Gould, David; Lampkin, Nic; Chander, Mahesh; Mapusua, Karen; Wynen, Els; Qiao, Yuhui; Ardakani, M. Reza; Hartmann, Marco; Oyama, Toshio; Schmid, Otto; Willer, Helga.
Organic agriculture world-wide offers the promise of a future to produce and distribute food and other farm products in a healthy, ecologically sound, truly sustainable and fair way. The full benefits of organic agriculture are just now being realized—from ecosystem services to the provision of healthier food - yet, to reach its full potential organic farming needs to address many challenges. While organic agriculture has grown in strength and is in the most favorable position it has ever been in with respect to market conditions, government policies and international institutional support, it still does not have adequate resources to continue its expansion. The Technology Innovation Platform of IFOAM (TIPI) has developed a vision and an agenda to advance...
Tipo: Working paper Palavras-chave: Systems research and participatory research.
Ano: 2014 URL:
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