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Séquences d'évolution morphodynamique des barres intertidales d'une plage macrotidale : l'exemple d'Omaha beach (Normandie, France) ArchiMer
Stepanian, A; Levoy, F.
The present paper deals with the morphodynamics of intertidal bars on Omaha beach, a macrotidal beach located along the Normandy coastline. During two years (defined here as medium-term time-scale), a monthly topographic monitoring has been conducted on this beach. An analysis of the morphological evolution of the ridge and runnel systems is performed and correlated to the forcing conditions (waves and tide) recorded on the lower foreshore. Our results allow to distinguish some morphodynamical evolution sequences with one stage of accretion and one stage of destruction of the bars. In order to discriminate these two stages, an energetic criterion is used. Accretion stages correspond to long periods of fair weather conditions (significant wave height, H-s...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Morphodynamique; Plage macrotidale; Barres et bâches; Normandie; France; Morphodynamics; Macrotidal beach; Ridges and runnels; Normandy; France.
Ano: 2003 URL:
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