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PostSeafloor Spreading Volcanism in the Central East South China Sea and its Formation Through an Extremely Thin Oceanic Crust ArchiMer
Zhao, Minghui; He, Enyuan; Sibuet, Jean-claude; Sun, Longtao; Qiu, Xuelin; Tan, Pingchuan; Wang, Jian.
P-wave velocity models were obtained by forward and inverse modeling from 38 ocean bottom seismometers deployed in the central East sub-basin of the South China Sea (SCS). Four types of crust have been defined; a) thin oceanic crust (<5 km), b) typical oceanic crust (5-6 km), c) thick oceanic crust hosting post-spreading volcanoes (>6 km) with significant intrusive roots, and d) thick oceanic crust with enhanced spreading features (>6 km) but without significant roots. Within the central East sub-basin, the thin oceanic crust, only identified inside a 80-km wide zone, is located within an overall 150-km wide domain characterized by N055° seafloor spreading trends. The post-spreading volcanoes were formed during a N-S tensional episode around 6-10...
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Ano: 2018 URL:
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