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A new flea from Kerguelen-Island Naturalis
Taschenberg, O..
Body elongate, of a yellowish brown colour. The inclination of the upper surface of the head commences immediately in front of its hind margin; on a level with the first joint of the antennae this inclination suddenly increases. In front of the point of insertion of the maxillary palpi the head forms an inconspicuous tooth-like projection. The joints of the maxillary palpi are of about the same length. The triangular maxillae are pointed and rather long. The groove for the antennae is so situated that its hind margin divides the lateral surface of the head into an equal anterior and posterior half. The eye, which is comparatively light coloured, is situated very low, touching the inferior border of the head. The antennae are very similar to those of Pulex...
Tipo: Article / Letter to the editor
Ano: 1880 URL:
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