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Siboga Expeditie 1899-1900. Volume 2. Description of the ship and appliances used for scientific exploration ArchiMer
Tydeman, G. F..
H. M. twin-screw Gun-boat "Siboga", of the Dutch East India Military Marine Service was built in 1897 by the Netherland Ship-building Company at Amsterdam. The vessel is of steel, has twin screws, bilge-keels, steam-capstan, steam-steering-gear, electric light and search-light, two triple-expansion engines, two cylindrical boilers fitted with forced draught and one auxiliary boiler. (...) After the launch in 1898, and while the building was being completed the ship was ordered to join the deep-sea expedition in the East-Indian Archipelago conducted by Prof. Dr. MAX WEBER. It was therefore equipped with appliances and machinery necessary for this purpose. This work was executed at the Government dockyard in Amsterdam under the supervision of Professor WEBER...
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