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A BGC-Argo Guide: Planning, Deployment, Data Handling and Usage ArchiMer
Bittig, Henry C.; Maurer, Tanya L.; Plant, Joshua N.; Schmechtig, Catherine; Wong, Annie P. S.; Claustre, Hervé; Trull, Thomas W.; Udaya Bhaskar, T. V. S.; Boss, Emmanuel; Dall’olmo, Giorgio; Organelli, Emanuele; Poteau, Antoine; Johnson, Kenneth S.; Hanstein, Craig; Leymarie, Edouard; Le Reste, Serge; Riser, Stephen C.; Rupan, A. Rick; Taillandier, Vincent; Thierry, Virginie; Xing, Xiaogang.
The Biogeochemical-Argo program (BGC-Argo) is a new profiling-float-based, ocean wide, and distributed ocean monitoring program which is tightly linked to, and has benefited significantly from, the Argo program. The community has recommended for BGC-Argo to measure six additional properties in addition to pressure, temperature and salinity measured by Argo, to include oxygen, pH, nitrate, downwelling light, chlorophyll fluorescence and the optical backscattering coefficient. The purpose of this addition is to enable the monitoring of ocean biogeochemistry and health, and in particular, monitor major processes such as ocean deoxygenation, acidification and warming and their effect on phytoplankton, the main source of energy of marine ecosystems. Here we...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Ocean observation; Ocean biogeochemical cycles; Sensors; Carbon cycle; Ocean optics; Best practices; Argo.
Ano: 2019 URL:
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