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Characterization of the bio-optical anomaly and diurnal variability of particulate matter, as seen from scattering and backscattering coefficients, in ultra-oligotrophic eddies of the Mediterranean Sea ArchiMer
Loisel, H.; Vantrepotte, V.; Norkvist, K.; Meriaux, Xavier; Kheireddine, M.; Ras, J.; Pujo-pay, M.; Combet, Y.; Leblanc, K.; Dall'Olmo, G.; Mauriac, R.; Dessailly, D.; Moutin, T..
The variability of inherent optical properties is investigated in the ultra-oligotrophic waters of the Mediterranean Sea sampled during the BOUM experiment performed during early summer 2008. Bio-optical relationships found for ultra-oligotrophic waters of the three anticyclonic gyres sampled significantly depart from the mean standard relationships provided for the global ocean, confirming the peculiar character of these Mediterranean waters. These optical anomalies are diversely related to the specific biological and environmental conditions occurring in the studied ecosystem. Specifically, the surface specific phytoplankton absorption coefficient exhibits values lower than those expected from the general relationships mainly in relation with a high...
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Ano: 2011 URL:
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