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The main problems of food allergic consumers concerning food labeling: an ethnographic study AgEcon
Voordouw, Jantine; Cornelisse-Vermaat, Judith R.; Frewer, Lynn J..
It has been estimated that 5–8% of children and 1–2% of the adults in developed countries are affected by food allergy, with symptoms ranging from discomfort to fatality. At present, avoidance of problematic foods is the only effective treatment strategy. As of November 25 th , 2005 food manufacturers in the EU are obliged to list 12 potentially allergic ingredients in food. Although the label is still not always fully understood by the consumer, or they get confused by precautionary labelling practices. This paper aims to gain insights into the information preferences of food allergic consumers regarding existing food labelling and additional information delivery systems. The results of this study will facilitate the development of best practices in...
Tipo: Conference Paper or Presentation Palavras-chave: Food allergy; Consumers; Food labelling; Information needs; Consumer/Household Economics; Food Consumption/Nutrition/Food Safety.
Ano: 2006 URL:
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