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Global change and conservation triage on National Wildlife Refuges Ecology and Society
Johnson, Fred A; U.S. Geological Survey;; Eaton, Mitchell J; U.S. Geological Survey;; McMahon, Gerard; U.S. Geological Survey;; Nilius, Raye; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service;; Bryant, Michael R.; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service;; Case, David J.; DJ Case & Associates;; Martin, Julien; U.S. Geological Survey;; Wood, Nathan J; U.S. Geological Survey;; Taylor, Laura; North Carolina State University;
National Wildlife Refuges (NWRs) in the United States play an important role in the adaptation of social-ecological systems to climate change, land-use change, and other global-change processes. Coastal refuges are already experiencing threats from sea-level rise and other change processes that are largely beyond their ability to influence, while at the same time facing tighter budgets and reduced staff. We engaged in workshops with NWR managers along the U.S. Atlantic coast to understand the problems they face from global-change processes and began a multidisciplinary collaboration to use decision science to help address them. We are applying a values-focused approach to base management decisions on the resource objectives of land managers, as well as...
Tipo: Peer-Reviewed Insight Palavras-chave: Adaptive management; Allocation; Decision analysis; Ecosystem valuation; Global change; National Wildlife Refuge; Objectives; Policy; Portfolio analysis; Reserve design; Stakeholders.
Ano: 2015
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