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Starting with a handicap: phenotypic differences between early- and late-born king penguin chicks and their survival correlates 5
Stier, Antoine; Viblanc, Vincent A.; Massemin-challet, Sylvie; Handrich, Yves; Zahn, Sandrine; Rojas, Emilio R.; Saraux, Claire; Le Vaillant, Maryline; Prud'Homme, Onesime; Grosbellet, Edith; Robin, Jean-patrice; Bize, Pierre; Criscuolo, Francois.
1. The exceptionally long (c. 11 months) growth period of king penguin chicks (Aptenodytes patagonicus) is interrupted by the Austral winter. As a consequence, penguin chicks born late in the breeding season have little time to build-up their energy reserves before the drastic energy bottleneck they experience during winter and face greater risks of mortality than early-born chicks. 2. Whereas it is well known that breeding adults alternate between early- and late-breeding attempts, little is known on the phenotype of early- and late-chicks, and on the potential existence of specific adaptive phenotypic responses in late-born individuals. 3. We investigated phenotypic differences between early- and late-chicks and tested their survival correlates both...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Early-life conditions; Phenotypic plasticity; Oxidative stress; Individual quality; Growth; Telomere; Corticosterone; Reproductive timing.
Ano: 2014 URL:
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