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A new scincid lizard of the genus Leiolopisma from New Guinea Naturalis
Zweifel, R.G..
The lizard fauna of New Guinea numbers over 150 species (for a list, now well out-dated, see Loveridge, 1948), and probably more than two-thirds of these belong to the family Scincidae. With the exception of studies by Brown (1953, 1954) on the genus Emoia, the large and diverse scincid fauna has received little attention from herpetologists since De Rooij (1915) summarized existing knowledge. The validity of many named forms is questionable, and details of distribution and ecology are known for virtually none. The purpose of the present paper is to describe an evidently unnamed species that has been confused with a widespread Papuan species, Leiolopisma miotis. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I wish to acknowledge with thanks the help of the following persons who...
Tipo: Article / Letter to the editor Palavras-chave: 42.82.
Ano: 1972 URL:
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