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Environmental Problems Induced by Pollutants in Air, Soil and Water Resources InTech
Murat Deveci; and Fusun Ekmekyapar.
Natural resources such as soil, water and air play an important role in preserving the existence as well as the development of our planet and its people. Currently, pollution of the agricultural environment is one of the serious environmental concerns in our planet. Proposed strategies for the protection of water, soil and air are as follows: At first, environmental education for all people is necessary. Growing ornamental plants, such as flowers, grasses, and woody plants in heavily polluted lands. The application of biodegradable pesticides in agriculture should be encouraged. In sustainable, or ecological agriculture, rather than only chemical pesticides is advocated, and fertilization is recommended with an emphasis on organic matter cycling. To...
Tipo: 3 Palavras-chave: Environmental Technologies.
Ano: 2008 URL:
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