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Cimpoies, Dragos; Schulze, Eberhard.
Agrarian reform in Moldova, as in all former Soviet republics, involved the transfer of land and assets of collective farms in private possession, and also restructuring of the last. It was supposed that the given directions of reforms will provide, in shortest terms, recovery of agriculture and will serve as the catalyst for serious transformations of rural areas. As a matter of fact, they became the catalyst of new problems: As appeared subsequently, the end of land transformations does not mean at all the termination of problems, but only their beginning. It is well known the fact that improvement of the state in any sector of economy and even economy at all, is in direct dependence on correctness of decision-making. But the last one, is impossible...
Tipo: Working or Discussion Paper Palavras-chave: Methoden der Datenerhebung; Mikroökonomische Daten; Befragung; Agrarian reform; Restructuring; Problems; Agrarian transformation; Аграрная реформа; Реструктуризация; Проблема; Аграрные преобра-зования.; Agribusiness; Community/Rural/Urban Development; Farm Management; Institutional and Behavioral Economics; Land Economics/Use; C 81.
Ano: 2004 URL:
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