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Three-dimensional reconstruction of oceanic mesoscale currents from surface information - art. no. C09005 ArchiMer
Isern-fontanet, Jordi; Lapeyre, Guillaume; Klein, Patrice; Chapron, Bertrand; Hecht, M.
The ability to reconstruct the three-dimensional (3D) dynamics of the ocean by an effective version of Surface Quasi-Geostrophy (eSQG) is examined. Using the fact that surface density plays an analogous role as interior potential vorticity (PV), the eSQG method consists in inverting the QG PV generated by sea-surface density only. We also make the extra assumption that sea-surface temperature (SST) anomalies fully represent surface density anomalies. This approach requires a single snapshot of SST and the setup of two parameters: the mean Brunt-Vaisala frequency and a parameter that determines the energy level at the ocean surface. The validity of this approach is tested using an Ocean General Circulation Model simulation representing the North Atlantic in...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: 3D dynamics reconstruction; SST; Surface Quasi Geostrophy.
Ano: 2008 URL:
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