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Multiple gas reservoirs are responsible for the gas emissions along the Marmara fault network ArchiMer
Ruffine, Livio; Donval, Jean-pierre; Croguennec, Claire; Burnard, Pete; Lu, Hailong; Germain, Yoan; Legoix, Ludovic N.; Bignon, Laurent; Cagatay, M. Namik; Marty, Bernard; Madre, David; Pitel-roudaut, Mathilde; Henry, Pierre; Geli, Louis.
On continental margins, upward migration of fluids from various sources and various subsurface accumulations, through the sedimentary column to the seafloor, leads to the development of cold seeps where chemical compounds are discharged into the water column. MarsiteCruise was undertaken in November 2014 to investigate the dynamics of cold seeps characterized by vigorous gas emissions in the Sea of Marmara (SoM). A previous paper published by Bourry et al. (2009) presented the gas geochemistry of three seeps sampled along three different segments in the SoM. Their findings showed that the seeps were sourced by three different reservoirs. In this paper, seventeen seeps were investigated to determine the gas sources, unravel reservoir contributions, and...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Abiotic CO2-source; Gas bubbles; Molecular and isotopic compositions; Primary and secondary methanogenesis; Sea of Marmara; Seeps; Thermogenic gases.
Ano: 2018 URL:
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