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Hydrodynamics and SPM transport in a man-engineered tidal estuary: The Adour river (France) ArchiMer
Defontaine, Sophie; Sous, Damien; Morichon, Denis; Verney, Romaric; Monperrus, Mathilde.
The present paper reports on a series of field experiments aiming to characterise the functioning of a man-engineered strongly forced salt-wedge estuary: the lower estuary of the Adour river, France. Bottom-moored velocity measurements and surface boat surveys have been performed under low river discharge conditions, for both neap and spring tides, in order to provide a well-documented reference framework to understand the dynamics of water masses, turbulence and suspended particulate matter (SPM) transport in the lower estuary. An additional campaign has been carried out in high river discharge conditions. This first documented in-situ study of the Adour lower estuary demonstrates its variability in terms of hydrological regimes, from salt-wedge to...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Salt-wedge estuary; Estuarine circulation; Stratification; Turbulence; Suspended particles transport; Adour river.
Ano: 2019 URL:
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