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Competition or cooperation in transboundary fish stocks management: Insight from a dynamical model ArchiMer
Nguyen-trong, Hieu; Brochier, Timothee; Auger, Pierre; Trinh, Viet Duoc; Brehmer, Patrice.
An idealized system of a shared fish stock associated with different exclusive economic zones (EEZ) is modelled. Parameters were estimated for the case of the small pelagic fisheries shared between Southern Morocco, Mauritania and the Senegambia. Two models of fishing effort distribution were explored. The first one considers independent national fisheries in each EEZ, with a cost per unit of fishing effort that depends on local fishery policy. The second one considers the case of a fully cooperative fishery performed by an international fleet freely moving across the borders. Both models are based on a set of six ordinary differential equations describing the time evolution of the fish biomass and the fishing effort. We take advantage of the two time...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Shared fish stock; Aggregation of variables; ODE; Pelagic; Fisheries management; West Africa.
Ano: 2018 URL:
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