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A review on biogenic amines in food and feed: toxicological aspects, impact on health and control measures. Repositório Alice
FEDDERN, V.; MAZZUCO, H.; FONSECA, F. M. da; LIMA, G. J. M. M. de.
Abstract: Biogenic amines (BAs) represent a considerable toxicological risk in some food and feed products. They are formed under unhygienic conditions during storage and processing; therefore, an increase in the concentrations of those metabolites is related to putrefaction. Because BAs are thermostable, they remain in food and feed that have undergone heat treatment. There are several toxicological effects, especially caused by histamine, when high concentrations of BAs are ingested by humans, depending on the food itself and also on individual susceptibility and individual health status. The present paper reviews the main BAs in meat products, their use as spoilage indicators, the risk on human health and also the contamination of by-product meals....
Tipo: Artigo de periódico Palavras-chave: Aminas bioativas; Aminas biogênicas; Saúde humana; Risco toxicológico; Bioactive amines; By-products; Ave Domestica; Frango de Corte; Ração; Toxicologia de Alimento; Amina; Carne; Processamento; Saúde Pública; Human health; Chicken meat; Poultry meat; Rendering.
Ano: 2019 URL:
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