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Determining ridge and runnel longshore migration rate using Spot imagery 5
Lafon, V; Dupuis, H; Howa, H; Froidefond, Jm.
High-resolution colour satellite imagery is used to map the morphology and to determine the longshore movements of intertidal ridge and runnel systems that characterise the Atlantic southwest coast of France. A couple of Spot images recorded during the summer of 1989 are processed to extract accurate geographical maps of the coastline defined. in this study, as the level corresponding to the lowest astronomical tide. The coastline extraction method is based on a reflectance model, providing depth measurements that were calibrated in the field. This method enables us to map the coastline regardless of the tide level above the lowest astronomical tide at the moment of the image capture. As this model can be extrapolated to a large area, hen sea water is...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Télédétection; Couleur de l’océan; Trait de côte; Déplacement des barres littorales; Côte aquitaine; Remote sensing; Ocean colour; Coastline; Ridge and runnel movement; Aquitaine coast.
Ano: 2002 URL:
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