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Stratégie d'exploitation des zones de pêche d'un chalutier hauturier du Guilvinec ArchiMer
Pichon, Jacques.
The Bigouden region's fishing is significant by the tonnage landed, the quality of the production and high sales price. That makes Guilvinec "an ideal laboratory for analysing the fish business in all its complexity, from the catch to marketing". The fishermen of the Guilvinec district are spread out in 3 ports: Guilvinec, Loctudy, and Saint Guénolé. Each port has its speciality (example: Guilvinec's speciality is monkfish). Each fleet is composed of dinghies, coastal trawls, seafaring fish trawls, and seafaring crayfish trawls. The subject chosen for this master's theses is the study of the fishing strategy of a seafaring ship, the Kerflous. This work was difficult because it reached into the sphere of the professional secret. The Kerflous works at the...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Celtic sea; Trawler; Fishing strategy; Fishing zones; Product quality; Bigouden; Guilvinec; Brittany; Chalutier; Mer Celtique; Stratégie de pêche; Zones de pêche; Qualité; Guilvinec; Bigouden.
Ano: 1987 URL:
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