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Limiting nutrients of oyster pond seawater in the Marennes-Oleron region for Haslea ostrearia : applications to the mass production of the diatom in mesocosom experiments ArchiMer
Turpin, Vincent; Robert, Jean-michel; Goulletquer, Philippe.
Bioassays were carried out with the 'blue diatom' Haslea ostrearia Simonsen, which is responsible for oyster greening during the fattening period of Crassostrea gigas Thunberg in oyster ponds. Samples of seawater were taken from two oyster ponds: one without oysters and the other with 20 oysters per m_, maximal density allowed by the French AFNOR norm for 'refinement'. The aims were to clarify the nutrient requirements of this diatom, also to elucidate the eventual influence of C. gigas at this density on the seawater fertility and to envisage the mass production of this diatom by pond fertilization. Examination of cell numeric densities at the end of bioassays allows us to conclude that silicate was the first limiting nutrient, closely followed by...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Marennes Oleron; Oyster ponds; Mesocosm experiment; Bioassay; Haslea ostrearia; Bacillariophyceae; Limiting nutrients; Marennes Oléron; Claires à huîtres; Expérience en mésocosmes; Bioessai; Haslea ostrearia; Bacillariophyceae; Nutriments limitants.
Ano: 1999 URL:
Registros recuperados: 1
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