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Multiple bottom-simulating reflections in the Black Sea: Potential proxies of past climate conditions ArchiMer
Popescu, Irina; De Batist, Marc; Lericolais, Gilles; Nouze, Herve; Poort, Jeffrey; Panin, Nicolae; Versteeg, Wim; Gillet, Herve.
A previously unknown pattern of multiple bottom-simulating reflections (BSRs) occurs on high-resolution reflection seismic data in the Danube deep-sea fan, associated with acoustic features indicating free gas. Our study provides evidence that this pattern is developed in relation with the architecture of distinct channel-levee systems of the Danube fan. Channel-levee systems hosting multiple BSRs act as relatively sealed gas-bearing systems whose top is situated above the base of the gas hydrate stability zone (BGHSZ). Inside these systems, free gas accumulates below the BGHSZ under a combined lithological, structural and stratigraphical control. The uppermost BSR marks the current equilibrium BGHSZ, for a gas composition of more than 99% methane....
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Black Sea; Deep sea fan; Seismic data; Gas; Gas hydrates; Bottom simulating reflections.
Ano: 2006 URL:
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