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From Research to Program Design: Use of Formative Research in Haiti to Develop a Behavior change Communication Program to Prevent Malnutrition 31
Menon, Purnima; Ruel, Marie T.; Loechl, Cornelia U.; Pelto, Gretel H..
This paper summarizes findings from a formative research study conducted in Haiti to develop a behavior change communication (BCC) strategy to improve infant and child feeding practices and to reduce childhood malnutrition. It describes the methodology used and the tools developed to facilitate decisionmaking and effective use of formative research for program planning. The study is part of a larger research project carried out by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and Cornell University in collaboration with World Vision-Haiti, a private voluntary organization responsible for the implementation of integrated health and nutrition programs that include food donations. The study used formative research methods that included individual...
Tipo: Working or Discussion Paper Palavras-chave: Child-feeding practices; Childhood malnutrition; Caregiving behaviors; Formative research; Program design; Haiti; Research and Development/Tech Change/Emerging Technologies.
Ano: 2003 URL:
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