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Hydrate dissolution as a potential mechanism for pockmark formation in the Niger delta ArchiMer
Sultan, Nabil; Marsset, Bruno; Ker, Stephan; Marsset, Tania; Voisset, Michel; Vernant, Antoine-mathieu; Bayon, Germain; Cauquil, Eric; Adamy, J.; Colliat, J. L.; Drapeau, D..
Based on acquired geophysical, geological and geotechnical data and modeling, we suggest hydrate dissolution to cause sediment collapse and pockmark formation in the Niger delta. Very high-resolution bathymetry data acquired from the Niger delta reveal the morphology of pockmarks with different shapes and sizes going from a small ring depression surrounding an irregular floor to more typical pockmarks with uniform depression. Geophysical data, in situ piezocone measurements, piezometer measurements and sediment cores demonstrate the presence of a common internal architecture of the studied pockmarks: inner sediments rich in gas hydrates surrounded by overpressured sediments. The temperature, pressure and salinity conditions of the studied area have allowed...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Methane gas hydrate; Sea floor; Marine sediments; Pore pressure; Porous media; Continental margin; Clathrate hydrate; Fluid flow; Stability; Slope.
Ano: 2010 URL:
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