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Mission ORHAGO1, Mise au point d'un gréement de chaluts jumeaux pour les campagnes halieutiques ORHAGO ArchiMer
Vacherot, Jean-philippe; Bavouzet, Gerard.
The new ORHAGO campaigns, which aim to form a multi-year series of biological and ecological data, are relying on the use of twin trawls associated with a new type of rigging. The ORHAGO1 campaign should make it possible to make adjustments of the diverse elements of the fishing train in order to obtain an optimal configuration. This preliminary adjustment is indispensable for obtaining reliable data during ORHAGO campaigns. In order to do this, twin trawls of 25.15 metres, belonging to TMSI, were used jointly with the ship's panels (Morgère WS) and a clump specially developed for the occasion with the Morgère Company. In order to verify the correct behaviour of the device, the Scanmar setup monitoring system as well as Micrel tension and inclinometric...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Clump; Trawl doors; Trawl survey; Twin trawls; Fishing technology; Clump; Panneaux; Campagne de chalutage; Chaluts jumeaux; Technologie des pêches.
Ano: 2004 URL:
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